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We all have challenges that we face in life. Maybe there has been a recent change in life that has prompted the urge to get help with these challenges. Trauma from a long time ago may still be lingering in your mind and effecting your current relationships. Depression may have been a constant companion in your life and you’re tired of it. Anxiety that has been something you have handled before is now causing health problems. Maybe you feel like an outsider in your own home. 

I believe that the most powerful part of counseling is the realization that you are not alone and your struggles are real. Feeling overwhelmed seems to be a natural part of our daily lives and together we can find a way to work through these feelings. I have been a practicing social worker for over 15 years and believe that nothing you say is going to scare me. The ability to talk openly and honestly with your therapist is the most important part of therapy and I fully support “shopping” for the right fit in this field. I will always be direct and honest with my clients and that doesn’t always work for everyone. 

I received my MSW from the University of South Carolina a long time ago and in a galaxy far away where it doesn’t snow. I am trained in EMDR, Sand Tray, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Brief Solution Focused Therapy. I have a need to travel and have received training in telehealth services in order to feed my desire to see new places. I enjoy working with diverse populations and this includes different age groups, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations and cultures. 

My goal as a provider is to help you navigate life’s challenges and give you resources to continue to thrive in the future. I look forward to meeting you and working on any challenges we face together. 

I accept insurance and there are private pay options as well. Call 888-476-4633 today to schedule your appointment.

-Jo Meyer LMSW

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